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         Zhejiang Huaguang Insulation Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in March 1982, the company is located in Wenzhou City, Sunbeam Industrial Park, Willow. Company after 20 years of continuous expansion and development has become from research to production, processing and marketing into an integrated-type insulating material manufacturing enterprises.
        The company mainly produces products:
        Composite products categories:
        65,206,521 polyester film insulating paper flexible composite material, 6632 DM, 6630 DMD, 6631 DMDM, 6641 F-class DMD Polyester Film soft polyester fiber non-woven composite materials, 6640 NMN, 6650 NHN polyimide film Polyaryl acyl Amine fiber paper flexible composite material, PMP, PM capacitor paper composite
        Insulation Paper:
        Power cable paper telephone paper, electrical insulating cardboard, green shell paper, red gang paper, crepe paper, semi-guided crepe paper, Ling Ge-point tape, paper capacitors, electrolytic capacitor paper, high-voltage transformer paper, impregnated insulating paper, dry the base layer of paper pulp
        Laminated product categories:
        3240,3041 epoxy glass cloth laminated sheet Phenolic paper laminated board, 3021,3025, 3026 phenolic cotton cloth laminated board, Melamine glass cloth laminated sheet, epoxy glass cloth laminated rod 3840,3841, 3721,3725 Phenolic cotton cloth laminated rod , 3640, 3641 Epoxy glass cloth laminated tube, 3520 Phenolic laminated paper tube, 3526 phenolic cotton cloth laminated tube, PTFE sheet, PTFE rod, nylon rod (plate)
        Insulating film categories:
        6050 polyimide film, polyester film 6020, Ling Ge dispensing film, PVC film
        Insulation Tube type:
        2715 PVC glass fiber paint tube, silicone rubber casing, self-extinguishing casing, silicone resin insulated casing, casing set pattern, acrylic glass fiber casing, PVC plastic pipe
        Insulating tape categories: E-glass fiber belt, alkali-free wax mesh belt, no weft tape, shrink tape, cotton belt, white gauze tape, PVC insulating tape
        Electrical Insulation Tape categories:
        Polyimide Tape, PTFE high-temperature tape, pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, polyester film tape, PVC electrical tape
        Impregnating fiber products categories:
        2210 oil-based paint silk ,2210-1 oil-based paint ribbons, J-2310 oil-based polyester paint silk, J-2310-1 oil-based polyester paint ribbons, 2432 alkyd glass, cloth, 2432 - 1 Alkyd Glass cloth belt
        A total of eight categories more than 1,200 varieties of products are sold in 7 countries and regions in the world, the company has a factory area of 6,000 square meters, total assets of more than 5,000 yuan.
        The company's products are widely used in transformers, motors, transformers, capacitors, circuit breakers, regulators, explosion-proof electrical appliances, wires, cables, welding machines, instruments, meters, as well as space, complete sets of equipment, high and low voltage electrical appliances, household appliances, etc. electric control area, popular with consumers.
        Insulation Materials Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Huaguang business philosophy: the technology-led, management-based, quality guarantee; this company to rely on strong technical strength and experience to undertake research and development of various types of insulation materials and processing and manufacturing and is willing to provide our clients with high-quality products and services.
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