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        You to visit Zhejiang Huaguang Insulation Materials Co., Ltd. Web site friends:
        Hello everyone! Welcome to Zhejiang Huaguang Insulation Materials Co., Ltd. Web site.
        In retrospect, Huaguang grew up in the magnificent era of reform and opening up, thanks to community care and support, success in the Huaguang people unremitting efforts. Two decades of hard work, and build a Huaguang solid material foundation and rich cultural heritage, so Huaguang in the competition.
        Facing the new century, Huaguang through institutional reform and technological innovation, comprehensive approach to improve the competitiveness of enterprises, has become prominent main business, multi-industry, keep abreast of the development pattern.
        Looking ahead, Huaguang were brimming with confidence. Huaguang people create the world brand is the common aspiration. We will inherit entrepreneurial ambition, and write a brilliant century.
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